Sunday 1 July 2018


My name is Arik Tobias Grunbaum. You may have seen me referred to in these pages as 'Mr G', which seemed like Davidè's usual heepish behaviour. Sadly, past events have left no chance for redemption.

I recently found Davidè in his apartment, having hung himself from a ceiling fan. The coroner deemed it unsuspicious, and his readers may consider it unsurprising. There was no note, but a text message I received three days prior may provide some closure for his readers. I transcribe it, verbatim, below:

Alik i m fucked. just fucken fucked. i dont have ur money but im not doing too good. im out of options n im just so fucking sad. i could use a mate. i will pay yoi soon i hope

My reply is lost to the ether.

What's important is that Davidè has hopefully found in death the solace he could never have hoped for in life. He leaves behind no family, few friends, and a seamy internet presence.

I expect this will be the last activity on this blog. Davidè left his computer logged in to a suite of websites, but it's the last I'll have to do with any of it. Anyone who wants more information is welcome to contact me on my personal email. Anyone who needs an accountant is encouraged to visit

Baruch dayan ha'emet.